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Song with kiss in the lyrics

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Song with kiss in the lyrics

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Getty Images Ah, making out. It's one of life's greatest pleasures. It's simple, it's easy and it costs you nothing -- or at least, that's the way it's supposed to work. When you're ready to get on that comfy couch and do some good, old-fashioned kissing, you're going to want a romantic soundtrack.

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This International Kissing Day, why not take some very appropriate advice from the one and only Cher? Source And yet, the lyrics remind the listener that relationships are complicated and it lgrics be the worst thing to take things slow. First, you could listen to some great ska and soak up all the empowered vibes that comes along with that, then around track five, when "Underneath It All" came on, it would be time for moves to be made.

Kiss me: 25 songs that celebrate international kissing day

Multiple levels, gang. Recalling how a lover "stood by as it fell apart, separate rooms and broken hearts," he is tentative.

How old were you both? These are the best love songs of all time This classic has a love-struck narrator begging his girlfriend kn hold him forever and walk with him in the dark. How and where did it happen? We have a long list of pop, rock, and country songs to get you started.

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We should all be so lucky. Here, The Beach Boys are all about make-up kisses: those lovely moments when suddenly you know everything between you will be OK. The narrator is working long lonely nights in a location where she knows no one, and she misses talking with her sweetheart as well as his mere presence.

And it's creepy. In it, a confident narrator tells his lover that to be his girl, she need not be beautiful, experienced, rich, cool, or share his zodiac. In the song, a smitten young woman worries about whether her boyfriend truly loves her.

The best songs with kiss in the title

If kisses are an important part of your life — and especially if you want even more of them — why not celebrate the magic of the pucker with a playlist devoted to kisses of all kinds? Then she just blurts out her command because you might as well, right? Perhaps it's because in your teens, kissing was all you could hope for.

Now I've been hangin' around you for days But when I lean in you just turn your head away. Looking for pure, unadulterated, 60s girl-group pop?

Most of all, she misses his kiss. It's OK, you're not alone. It had just the right amount of dance-heavy vibes to get the heartbeat pounding and ready for kisses. Or, if you need, it can wjth you as you fall out of love. He just wants his lover's time and her kiss.

"last kiss"

The Shangri-Las have it in spades. Dance music can be the rhythm that gets you in lyrkcs mood, heats things up or slows things down. I don't kiss and tell. Here are America's favorite rom-coms It's delightfully starry-eyed with a beat that'll have you shuffling across the room to get to your lover. We don't judge.

Reader Poll Do you have enough kisses in your life? Our narrator tells her to come here for a little quick kiss maybe a grope. However, he has found someone who understands him, and he's not afraid of a little PDA. Source Kissing burns calories, releases endorphins your "happy hormones"can keep your teeth clean by washing away bacteria and can help lower your blood pressure.

Top 5 songs

It's one of life's greatest pleasures. Maybe your first kiss wasn't the best you ever had, but this song really was a great choice for the first track you listened to while kissing.

Hey, get a room. Well, the kisses I get are all the wrong type.

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Whether you're looking for something hot and heavy or cool and collected, this list of songs about kissing will have you falling in love. I feel embarrassed for them because they don't know how they look. But you first kissers out there probably got caught up in the whole slick song and didn't even consider the lesson.

Your lips are times more sensitive than your fingertips.

: Ready to get over your ex? This is the kind of song that will either drive you insane or become your favorite kitschy go-to.

85 songs about kisses and kissing

It's got a cool, futuristic wonk to its mid-aught synth vibes. Fabolous and Ne-Yo remind first kissers that romance is all well and good, but stability is also important. Sophie Watson,