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Sex with my gran

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Sex with my gran

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Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I just turned 18, I was your typical teen. A bit shy, kind of a loner, grew up in shitty lifestyle. My dad was out of the picture, my mom, well my mom should not have been a mother. She basically let me raise myself while she was out drinking, using drugs, sucking and fucking anything with a dick.

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Well on to the best sex over ever had.

I am having sex my grandma

I noticed him in the doorway andI motioned with my finger seex him to come in. My grandma looking down at me between her legs.

Still had a nicely shaped body, nice round ass, flat stomach, and a nice pair of massive 38DDD tits. She continued to groan and sye softly.

It was warm and very wet and slipped in with little effort. My grandma slowly pulled the blanket off her legs, exposing her still dripping wet pussy. It seemed like hours I stood there massaging her neck and back as she massaged me. I stood at the bottom of the table staring at her ass.

We just sat and stared at each other for what seem like an eternity. Donna and Fred had left a couple days earlier for Europe and asked grandmother to keep an eye dith their place.

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She welcomed me in and had me sit on the couch just inside the door. I was glad to oblige. I slipped my well oiled cock between her legs and into her wet hairy pussy. The only way she is going to sense that I had a hard on is to lean my body forward up toward her neck and shoulders while continuing to message her.

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I was pretty drunk still when she showed up. So my mom got arrested a few days after my birthday and she was going to be gone a while. I felt like i was drowning in her sweet cum.

To show my appreciation I helped clear the dishes. This is my first experience.

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I pushed into her slowly while watching her face. I grabbed my grandmas hips, getting in a rhythm with my grandma thrusting my cock deep, slamming it in and out. She then slid back up and lay on my chest. I could see in the soft light that her back had become moist with perspiration and that her breathing was faster and more intense.

I can call home and say that you have a little work for me to do and stay over if you want. I stood watching my grandma fuck herself for nearly ten minutes when the witg shocking things happened.

Now, that gave me something else to think about, besides not getting laid earlier. The key was in the same place, under the lamp base so I let myself in.

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She tasted sweet and smelled like soap from her earlier shower. I continued mmy lick on her sweet cunt as her juices ran all over my face and on to the bed. She was always worried that if someone was in the house, we might be overheard. Then she took my hand and lead me into her bedroom. My first blow job.

Without going into more detail, I talked it over with my wife and he moved in the following week. Slip it in. I thought about that conversation for a couple sdx and was willing to meet with him.

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I picked up the tube, squeezed a little into my hands, rubbed them together hran started with her neck. I loved holding her in my arms and smelling her scent. Please reach out and let me know. Rubbing her nipple between my fingers. My grandma slowly rolled off and lay next to me.

Even started with three ways and other sexual fun. I heard Ron at the bottom of the stairs asking if everything was OK, but was into the moment so I avoided answering. Her moans getting slightly louder. What was I going to say? She needed to regain her strength. We entered the pool, both of us naked.

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Then I slid down the covers as she looked at my hard cock. Loved watching her fuck those guys. It was the house that dad grew up in.

Of course we both agreed.