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Poker wife story

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Poker wife story

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I bet my wife in a poker game Nov Words 6 4. Stunned I fumbled for my words not really sure how to answer. You see three of my buddies and I syory together for poker once a week. The joke was to bet your wife if you were short of chips and wanted to raise the stakes. Wjfe to my wife I am sure I looked shocked and even embarrassed as my face felt red.

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My wife stood wtory naked in front Horny ladies the eight of us, her long flowing blonde hair, her firm perky tits with hard nipples, her flat toned belly that le to her patch of dark black curly pubic hair covering her delicate pussy. The guys grabbing her ass and telling her to take everything off if she was going to stay did not seem to phase her at all.

On sex life went wiife overdrive after that as we waited for Bill to collect. My wife was your average married housewife with two kids and a part time job in a lawyers office. Seeing my wife laying on the floor bathed in cum was invigorating.

Bill is probably over eight inches and large around. She looked radiant laying back in the tub sipping her wine.

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My wife simply glowed as she looked in my direction but her mind was some where else. Bill jerked up a couple more times moaning as he began to spray his hot sticky cum inside of her tight pussy. She had cleaned the house twice out of nervous energy and around six I told her she would have to start to get ready for Bill. The sexual tension at the table was overpowering for both of us.

My buddy who lives in our neighborhood added a room to his detached garage years ago to set up as our official poker room.

A night of poker turns into wife's gangbang

I sensed he was about to cum as he movements grew jerky and harder. SHe moaned several times as he played with tits and then slid his hand down to her panty line. Sory sight of Bills monster cock impaling my wife was overwhelming, and I quickly undressed to in the fun. She walked directly in front of him and stood there letting him soak up her perfume for a full minute.

He said he was not sure the bet was real or not but kind of hoped it was real. I took my turn as she sucked Patrick's balls above her face. She kept her whimpering going as he fingers finally slide under her panties touching her swollen pussy for the first time.

I had filled in minutes before and had a glass of wine on the edge to help her relax as much as possible. My wife is five foot three and one hundred fifteen pounds of a free spirit.

He listened to what I had to say very intensely. I pulled her into my arms and found her lips hot to the touch. I pkker my cock into my wife's mouth and got off down her throat. Would I really let my friend screw my wife because of this bet?

My wife knew what to do as she lowered her mouth over his shaft and began to suck on him. I do not know how many times my wife was fucked during the night by the eight of us.

Bill laid there holding her tits and guiding her the entire iwfe. She smiled up at me with a heat in her eyes I had not seen in a long time.

The more we talked the more I think we talked each other into it. He made a few thrusts and then pushed his entire length as deep inside my poked ass as he could get. My cock slipped inside of her with ease as I imagined Bill fucking her soon. He explained to Betty what we did thus all the wives now knew of the game.

I believe her hands were shaking as she picked up the phone and listend to him. We all shared one more drink and agreed the bet had been paid. We would be in the living room waiting for her to get this started. My wife leaned over onto him and let him take control of the action as he rammed stkry cock harder upward into her.

I bet my wife in a poker game

All of us grew up in the neighborhood and have known each other since our early years. Carie took the kids to her parents house for the weekend.

My wife excitedly exclaimed, "Oh my god, look at that thing. I shot my load as deep as I could manage, adding to the pool of cum that filled my wife and ran onto the felt table covering beneath her cheeks.

Poker wife

Carie stepped back for a second thinking I was still teasing but instantly realized by my expression I was serious. She certainly seemed curious so it was a good start. I was wanting her to lick my balls and was limp.

She had something she wanted me to do at pooker house. I looked forward seeing Bill coming back for the third go with the monster dick.