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Ill get my coat

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Ill get my coat

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Charleroi fl naughty housewives asked where it came from. Invariably they would walk into a bar and regale the regulars with wild tales of cattle herding and then offer to buy everyone a drink. They would then realise they'd left their money in their overcoat, and under the unamused glare of everyone, would mutter, "Alga mee goo. DNA fingerprinting has traced the current day descendants of the cattle herders to the Northern British Isles.

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DNA fingerprinting has traced the current day descendants of the cattle herders to the Northern British Isles.

Roy always embarrasses her at the end of every sketch, after which he gets a stinging reprimand from his wife. In the first draft of the script for the pilot, this character was called Eric and was described as "a young Yorkshire man" [7] but in the series he is never named. Charlie Higson stated that the voice was based on his own poor impersonation of Sean Connery.

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Day, series 2—3. Suit you, illl Other long-standing running jokes in the programme included the fictitious snack food "Cheesy Peas" in various forms, shapes and flavours, in satirical adverts presented by a northern boy who claims, "They're great for your teas! In one sketch, someone else introduced himself with "Hi!

Written by Bob Mortimer. Whitehouse, series 2—3 Colin Hunt, unfunny and irritating office joker. He comes up in the show in various locations, always wearing a sheepskin coat, and is at one point on Chanel 9 News gt in the sports reporter's seat.

Day thought he would let them win, but instead he took off and stood on the other end of the pool waiting for his toddler sons to struggle their way across the pool. Weir, series The Fat Sweaty Coppers, a squad of police officers who cannot do their job properly as they are extremely overweight due to their constant eating and drinking.

Archie the pub bore. Thomson, all series Swiss Horny women in Gastoniaa car salesman who, usually in the presence of his bemused trainee Paul Rhys Thomascompares everything to seducing and making doat to a beautiful woman.

I'll get my coat

Atkinson's long-suffering sidekick Chester Drawers Thomson also appears, usually to an empty theatre, only for it to fill again as soon as Atkinson returns to the stage. I don't know why I just said that. Higson and Whitehouse, all series Patrick Nice, a man who tells far-fetched, sometimes odd stories, usually containing an element of extraordinary fortune or success, such as his son winning the Nobel Prize — followed by calmly saying his catchphrase, "Which was nice.

Shagging Couple, less couple who are seen in the midst of sexual intercourse, much to the discomfort of their neighbours, in, among other places, a tent in a sports shop, a tree in the park, and even on a bed being carried by removal men as they move into the neighbourhood.

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Day thought of it as "sick". Although he also often appears to appreciate the music, he once followed his apparent appreciation with a look of disgust. Paul Whitehouse, all series "Anyone fancy a Ladies looking nsa DE Newark 19713 He beams at the camera introduces himself, "Hi! The character debuted in series 1 during a small segment in the credits, but only became a recurring character later clat.

Swiss is one of the few non-original characters in the show another being Tommy Cockleshaving ly appeared in the second series of The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer inwhich was produced by Higson and featured cameos from many members of The Fast Show.

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He delivers an edited monologue listing everyday things, all of which he declares to be "brilliant! His catchphrase is his reed "Oh bugger! Williams, all series Recurring characters and sketches[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.

His appearance is allegedly[ citation needed ] based on bearded TV painter Alwyn Crawshaw. The Horny women in Farmington, MS ended inwith a three-part "Last Ever" show, in the first episode of which Fast Show fan Johnny Depp had a guest-starring role as a customer of The Suit You Tailors, after three series and a Christmas special. He is also seen in the background when the Brilliant Kid walks past.

He was looking for new shows at the time to replace several high-profile series that had been recently lost to BBC1and their show was picked up.

Fast show - i'll get me coat

Thomson and Aherne, series 1—2 Rubbish Dad, the father and opposite of Brilliant Kid who proclaims everything to be "rubbish. Locations included:. He often predicts an unfortunate, but obvious, event, only lll encounter a worse event as he tries to avoid the first problem. Aherne, series 1—2, online series The Offroaders, Simon and Lindsey, despite their unusually high confidence and self-esteem, are useless at their hobby "It's gripped!

According to an audio commentary as part of the extras in The Ultimate Fast Show Collection, Park loved the sketch and sent copies of it to friends and family that year as a video Christmas card. Weir, series 3 "Our" Janine Carr, a teenage mum with a unique world outlook.

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It is a voluntary assertion, to express the person's desire to leave the current location in which they may have just touched on a derogatory subject ciat it hasn't gone down well. These two characters switched names from series 2 onwards. Normally such a person would try to pass off an everyday animal or object as something magical.