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Gay slave boi

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Gay slave boi

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You must be 18 years of age and have the legal right to possess adult material in your community. The material appearing in this blog was all found on the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. I claim no credit for the pictures or videos posted on this blog.

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My ex-Master prepared a large chicken for dinner with leather friends.

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I'm seeking some suggestions for feeding a truly subhuman object I have, and looking at your blog, you seem to have the perfectly twisted imagination to have ideas. Sandler was surprised at his undiscovered erogenous zones Shelly is another straight lad who has needs his girlf cannot meet Shane needs to serve a Master Scully is straight but has discovered a liking for bondage and anal play Samson contacted me as he wanted to explore slavs submissive side.

Each time he found he was able Total free Essen sex dating do what he feared. He got it!

And each time he gained more slave-pride in himself for going lower than he had been into his submission. Add piles of sugar to its pizza and vinegar to its ice cream. Good luck boy. Thanks Stacy Sherard was a complete novice with men and servitude Sky had expressed an interest in punishment Silvester arrived hairy and that had to be dealt with!

Even if you are out you can make it add ridiculous amounts of salt and pepper to its food.


But it is exactly these types of demands which allows the slave to slaave who he is more fully and to find even deeper fulfillment of his needs. But it is a necessary one for the life you have been called to live; the life you need to live, the life that you know defines who you are. Make sure it eats as much like an animal as possible. His initiation is detailed here Silas is a straight slave that is new gayy serving a Master Sheldon was especially interested in being photographed while experimenting with bondage Sol wanted a platonic photo session.

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If alave own the copyright on a particular photo or video, the me at hambredehombrexxx gmail. But wonder's is this going too far into debasement?

Have the nasty mush smeared around the toilet for licking. So, I wonder if you could suggest deliciously nasty, disgusting meals to feed the kunt? There really are no limits, so hold back not! The boi want's to please IT'S Master desperately!

Each time he eventually did what he was told. Eating raw meat really does make you feel like an animal and the blood which will slabe smear around its face makes it look particularly depraved. Vegetable peelings, the fat and gristle removed from meat, eggs shells, plate scrapings etc.

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Make it suck the food down continuously, snorting and grunting. Only when they were finished did He let me spit what was left in the waste food container. Shout at it, kick it, spit at it, burn it, the ultimate aim for all of this is to take any pleasure away from the feeding. Get a small trough to make it feel like a pig. Keep a large plastic container in the kitchen for all the food waste.

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Your Master is clearly working with you to achieve what you need to achieve. Send it out scavenging for its dinner with a clear plastic bag it has to fill.

Have it eat the disgusting mess directly from the floor. How and where it feeds is another important aspect. He has given you time to do what he knows you need to do.

Gay slave xxx. the best

Feed it directly from your hand like a pet. Maybe it would be fun to take it to the doggy park and have it lean deep into the shit bin to fill s,ave bag. Give it a short time limit to finish.

Samual took advantage of being away from home for work to make a fantasy come true Sven stumbled on my website and decided to broaden his horizons Smee came for his first session today Sheen is another gay guy with unsatisfied submissive tendancies Sterling is experienced with guys but seldom gets to indulge his submissive side Sullivan used the excuse of his missus traipsing round Naughty wives looking casual sex Mackinac Island January Sales to nip over to me for some sub training Saul is another naturally submissive guy, gay but with no experience of serving a Master Stefan is a natural submissive with experience serving Mistresses.

Barely chewing just sucking and swallowing. Or leave it out in the sun for a few hours so that it smells really nasty.

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Welcome to The Master's Slave Gallery If you want to be included in this gallery you can do so by submitting yourself to The Master's tender mercies and then having the photographed. He is very bi-curious Stan is the latest straight boy to submit to The Master. How far into depravity should a slave go for IT'S Master into the "dark and seemier"?! Stomp on its food and have it clean it from the soles of Your boots. Watch the video of him being punished Simonis straight but welcomes the opportunity to show his submissive side by Cheating wives Charlotte North Carolina va a beating and sucking his Master's cock Sean is another straight slave who submitted himself to the Master's tender mercies Steve is a new slut that The Master is training.

Still you do see plenty on car windscreens so You can have Your cunt perform a public service whilst being fed. From a bowl, He produced the chicken feet and threw them on the floor in front of me. Shit will of course turn up in any list of disgusting things to be made to eat.