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Don t be afraid to fall in love

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Don t be afraid to fall in love

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Shutterstock Fall in love with beautiful places, with beautiful people, and with moments. Close your eyes and breathe moments in. Love wants to strip bitterness, judgment, and prejudice and exchange them for understanding, compassion, and joy. Love begets love.

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We have spent our lives believing lies. Allow yourself to fall in love with someone who wants all the best for you. Get to know people deeply.

Love was never meant to be hoarded, it was meant to be given away. Allow yourself to fall in love again. Take the riskiest option.

The truth behind why you’re afraid of falling in love

Allow yourself to be soft, to be gentle, to be trusting. Take the biggest leap.

What you need to know is the people who love less in this world are the ones who fail to learn how to give unconditionally. We become attached to routines that leave no room for our hearts to get involved.

It wants to. You have laid your heart on the table, and you have bared your soul in its entirety. Because who gives a flying one if you are?

Don’t be afraid to fall in love

We change little by little each and every day. Someone who wants to oove the responsibility of taking good care of you because you are precious to them.

Every time you choose to give love away your capacity for it kove deeper. And let yourself experience how wonderful life is, when you spend it with the person that you truly love. Give someone the permission to handle your heart with care.

You are the one who can make them smile so easily. You forget that someone out there wishes to play a major part in your life. You have found comfort in your own space, in your own world, in your own self-love. Someone who makes you feel the kind of love that moves mountains and oceans. Feel sad when you see people hurting.

You unconsciously ignore that someone in your social circle finds you endearing.

When a person hurts you, it says far more about them than it does about you. The right person will, without hesitation, do the same for you. Related Thought Catalog.

By relying on our technology and our comforts to keep us from stepping off a maybe-scary ledge. People change. Love begets love. Allow someone to make you feel vulnerable again.

Shutterstock Fall in love with beautiful places, with beautiful people, and with moments. Being chill is so much cooler, right?

So sprinkle it, everywhere and on everyone. And how can you bank on someone staying the same as when you first fell in love with them?

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Close your eyes and breathe moments in. Choose joy. Loosen your grip.

By playing hard-to-get-me games with the real intent of protecting our own hearts. So wherever you are, be all there. Allow someone to show you how you deserve lovw be treated.

Intentionally experience empathy. Even those of us who claim to not currently be looking for a serious relationship — we have an unspoken agreement that would all change if br right person were to suddenly walk into our lives; because who would turn down the possibility of falling in love?