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Delete account okcupid

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Delete account okcupid

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This is one of the free online dating apps. That is a free friendship, dating, and social networking website. It has features member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions.

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However, if you decide to delete yourthis means your will be permanently removed.

There was a problem submitting your feedback. After the "Settings" has opened, you should see a list of tabs delte a menu bar on the left side of the.

Related Posts:. Tap the subscription that you want to manage.

You should see the date your subscription is set to end. Tap Subscriptions. After you've navigated to the home, the next step is to click acxount your profile picture. The website app is supporting multiple modes of communication, including instant messages and s. Please try again later. Then, you scroll down and click go here and it is a link in the sentence on the : Go here to disable or delete OkCupid.

How to cancel a subscription

Step 2: Next, you click the profile picture and it is the top right corner of the. If you want permanently delete it, just go to Settings in either the app or desktop and select delete OkCupid.

If you scroll down on this same you should see another link that says "Need a break? We're so happy to hear you found each other. Most likely, they just keep all info somewhere to perform some.

Step 6: You type accoount password into the Confirm box and this box is at the bottom of the Delete your window. If you delete youryou can use the same address for another in the future. However, you can create a new with the same address if you wish. As long as your password is correct, doing this will permanently delete your OKCupid and all data associated with it.

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If this is the case, you will be able to create a new using the same address. How to permanently delete your OkCupid ? OkCupid is one of the dating apps. You can do this on a mobile browser if you don't use a computer.

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On the flip side of two, some people will delete their profile because they are not getting responses from anyone, regardless of if they are weird or not. Yes Last updated on September 6, Related Articles. Once you've logged in, make sure you're at the home. You can also check a reason for leaving and leave an explanatory comment in this window. By Tayi Sanusi Feb.

So, what happens next? How to delete your OkCupid profile is something you might want to know how to do if you think it could be time to take a pause. Step 7: Delete OkCupid will allow you to take a break from the app or dating. Remember- deleting is permanent, so if you think you'll want to come back to us in the future, choose "disable". Delete OkCupid will remove your profile from OkCupid forever and you will be able to use the same if you choose to the app again at a later date.

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Free online dating sites such as OkCupid can be the best place relete meet someone new, but sometimes things happen that cause people to delete OkCupid. Anyone who's interested in casual or long-term dating knows that sites like OkCupid are a solid choice when it comes to connecting with potential baes. Step 4: You click My and this tab is on the left side of the screen. Step 6: Tap the drop down box and select Delete then click to tap Confirm to delete you delete OkCupid.

And after a bad date or five it made me giddy to know I could go home and meet someone new the next day. If you are a woman searching to find a date, there are many ways you can do that.

This dating app can make deleting your confusing. Which acclunt basically like deleting OkCupid. More like this. To cancel, follow the cancellation instructions listed below for canceling subscriptions made with Google Play or iTunes. Thanks for the feedback!

If you'd like to keep a memento of your conversation on OkCupid, make sure to copy those messages before you close your s. Self-doubt, thinking you are no good for anyone.

Here's how to delete your okcupid profile when you need a break from online dating

Please note that our Privacy Accouny means we do automatically close s after a period of inactivity. If the cost of a dating site outweighs the benefits that a member is receiving, then they are likely to delete the OkCupid. Disabling your shows it as deleted to anyone who looks for it, but it leaves you the option to re-open your profile in the future if you wish.

If you purchased via Google Play and are looking on the OkCupid app's settingsyour subscription will look like this: If you're using the app but don't see an option to cancel in iTunes or Google Play, then it's likely that you paid via Credit Card or PayPal and need to cancel on our website instead.


Select "Delete" or '"Disable. Thanks for the feedback! If your subscription is via iTunes or Google Play, those services do not know when your on OkCupid is disabled, re-enabled, or even deleted, so they do not stop your subscription and you continue to be billed. You can also check a reason for leaving and leave an explanatory comment accounf this window.