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Cuckold wife 35

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Search Welcome to Wiffe Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. It was on our anniversary after I had cleaned up her cum soaked panty and pussy. She was three months pregnant and had started showing up.

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Rohini convinced Mansi that since she was incredibly beautiful she deserved the right to mate with anyone she wished. For the benefit of the reader, I am including the details that Mansi either omitted or wasn't aware of.

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Rahul had seen her during our college days but back then she was just a teenage girl and now she looked splendid as a newly married woman. It was only after Rohini started justifying when she deserved more by explaining the of times they did, which was around times a week. Rahul was pretty ordinary looking guy and very thin for his height and age. She said at 42 she couldn't get pregnant anymore, well, she proved that wrong.

It started the day Rahul laid his eyes on Mansi after she came to the US. She honestly narrated the plan and how things had transpired.

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She knew it would not be easy to seduce Mansi into such a relationship but felt that it could be a life-long affair if he did manage to seduce her. Rohini made her promise that if she felt Rahul was well-endowed, large enough to satisfy her, she should fellate him and relieve him before the end of the movie.

Rohini suggested that she move onto the second part of strategy in securing an ideal mate. After his marriage to Rohini, he had three prolonged affairs; one of them came pretty close to breaking his marriage with Rohini.

Rohini promised to pair Rahul with her only if Mansi promised to be a willing participant. I teased her the whole 7-mo after she told me that everyone was going to know she loves BBC and she would tease back, and that you are impotent.

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Secondly, a younger woman has age on her side and doesn't have to hurry up entering the family way and hence promiscuity can be tolerated. However, Rohini did size up Mansi from that regard and was extremely pleased with Mansi's potential. As an acceptance of her approval, she not only aife to fellate him but also decided to let him flood her mouth.

She wore a saree and didn't wear brassiere but wore panty, just in case they decide to fuck, his cum should not seep down her legs. Rohini had also noted cuckpld Mansi had wider pelvic bones that could make it easier to deliver babies, even potentially larger ones. That's when he learnt that it was better to have affairs with married women.

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In the Yarraman-story language, although Belle was a normal horse, she could accommodate the legendary Clydesdale stallion Yarraman. And the day we got together to celebrate our wedding, she was simply irresistible.

She had the mehndi in her hands and feet and she wore plenty of bangles in her hands. As promised by Rohini, Rahul was well-endowed. We both think it is hot, she loves to fuck and have guys cum inside.

Although, I knew some aspects of the plan, which Mansi didn't know and hence could say that she didn't hide anything but just skimmed on certain aspects. Rohini proposed the idea of becoming his mistress at this time.


Rohini would ask probing questions to understand our sex-life better -- how wire our sessions lasted, how frequently we did, what positions, etc. Given that I was on a consulting job and had to travel on a weekly basis, we could never do it more than four times a week.

Around this time he shared his recurring dream about Yarraman and Belle. Mansi was extremely young, not even twenty-one, beautiful and had perfect figure. Rohini concurred with Rahul's assessment and agreed to support him if he decided to pursue Mansi.

Mansi knew wifd she was beautiful and could have had her pick if she wanted to marry someone else. Most ordinary woman wouldn't go terribly wrong following the ideal husband criteria's. In fact, that is one of the reason they felt that it could be easier to continue affair with Mansi because we didn't have any plans of entering family way until she was nearing Rahul and Rohini never intended to have an open relationship that eventually panned out.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. In the first couple of months, Rohini and Mansi were comfortable enough to discuss their episodes. It was sort of hot knowing she was preggo by another man and that she had been doing all black and didn't really know wwife was the dad.

Rohini encouraged her evaluate one of her batch mates. Hours of studying and not much work made her put on a little weight in the right places.

Mansi decided to act sluttish since Rahul wasn't aware of the understanding between Rohini and her.